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Mary Black guitar chords for Lighthouse light

Guitar chords

Tuning: Standard

Difficulty: Novice

**Pretty easy song as a whole, you can add variation and fingerpick if you'd like. For E chord diagramEE
to A chord diagramAA transitions in the verses walk the bass up the E chord diagramEE string with an F# chord diagramF#F#/E chord diagramEE chord**

A chord diagramAA                Asus2 chord diagramAsus2Asus2   A chord diagramAA
Lighthouse light keep on shining
                           E chord diagramEE
Keep those ships from your shore
           A chord diagramAA             D chord diagramDD      D7 chord diagramD7D7
Lighthouse light keep on shining
A chord diagramAA               E chord diagramEE          A chord diagramAA
Shine on to the one that I adore

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