Top 3 'Forever' chords and tabs

The three best 'Forever' chords and tabs by Kiss. Learn 'Forever' the easy way with these guitar chords, tabs and lessons.

Number 1 Kiss Forever guitar chords

1. Forever, guitar chords

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D          Csus2                  G            D(sus2)
    Em       D             Cadd9
I got to tell you what I'm .....
myself, but its true.

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Number 2

2. Forever acoustic, guitar chords

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e-nyin when I look in your eyes
  Dm            C        A#
Girl I'm out of my head over you

Gm           F              A#             C
I lived so long be-lieving all love is blind

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Number 3 Kiss Forever guitar tabs

3. Forever, guitar tabs

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r    = release-bend
r^   = release-bend half-step
h^   = hammer-on
p^   = pull-off
~    = Vibrato
*    = Natural Harmonic

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