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Harry Belafonte guitar chords for Island in the sun

Guitar chords with lyrics

[C chord diagramCC]This is my island [F chord diagramFF]in the sun
Where my [G7 chord diagramG7G7]people have toiled since [C chord diagramCC]time begun.
[C chord diagramCC]I may sail on [Dm chord diagramDmDm]many a sea
Her [C chord diagramCC]shores will always be [G7 chord diagramG7G7]home to [C chord diagramCC]me.

[C chord diagramCC]Oh, island [F chord diagramFF]in the sun,
[G7 chord diagramG7G7]Willed to me by my [C chord diagramCC]father's hand
[C chord diagramCC]All my days I will [F chord diagramFF]sing and praise
Of your [G7 chord diagramG7G7]forests, waters, your [C chord diagramCC]shining sands.

[C chord diagramCC]As morning breaks the [F chord diagramFF]heaven on high
I [G7 chord diagramG7G7]lift my heavy [C chord diagramCC]load to the sky.
[C chord diagramCC]Sun comes down with a [Dm chord diagramDmDm]burning glow
[C chord diagramCC]Mingles my sweat with the [G7 chord diagramG7G7]earth be[C chord diagramCC]low.


[C chord diagramCC]I see woman on [f]bended knees
[G7 chord diagramG7G7]Cutting cane for her [C chord diagramCC]family.
[C chord diagramCC]I see man at the [Dm chord diagramDmDm]water side
[C chord diagramCC]Casting nets at the [G7 chord diagramG7G7]surging [C chord diagramCC]tide.


[C chord diagramCC]I hope the day will [F chord diagramFF]never come
That [G7 chord diagramG7G7]I can't awake to the [C chord diagramCC]sound of a drum,
[C chord diagramCC]Never let me miss [Dm chord diagramDmDm]carnival
With caly[C chord diagramCC]pso songs philo[G7 chord diagramG7G7]sophi[C chord diagramCC]cal.

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