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The Beatles guitar chords for Theres a place

Guitar chords with lyrics

this tab was created by: Brandon Fritz is my Email if you have any comments
                      artist:		THE BEATLES
                      song title:	There's A chord diagramAA Place
		      album:		please, Please Me (1963)
		      (words and music by JOHN LENNON and PAUL McCARTNEY)
listen to the song for correct time pattern

intro chords:
  F chord diagramFF  Bb chord diagramBbBb   F chord diagramFF

(no chord) a (F chord diagramFF)place, (Bb chord diagramBbBb)where i can (F chord diagramFF)...
(Bb chord diagramBbBb)When i feel (F chord diagramFF)low, (Dm chord diagramDmDm)when i feel (C chord diagramCC)b...
And it's my (Am chord diagramAmAm)Mind............(Bb chord diagramBbBb)
And there's np (Fmaj7 chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7)time......(Bb chord diagramBbBb)
When (Gm chord diagramGmGm)I'm a-(Dm chord diagramDmDm)-lone.

(no chord)I..... think of (F chord diagramFF)y..
(Bb chord diagramBbBb)  and things you (F chord diagramFF)do
(Bb chord diagramBbBb)Go round my (F chord diagramFF)h...
(Dm chord diagramDmDm) the things you've (C chord diagramCC)s...
Like "I (Bb chord diagramBbBb) love, on - ly (C chord diagramCC) you"________

(Dm chord diagramDmDm)  In my mind there's mp (G chord diagramGG)s......
(F chord diagramFF) don't you know taht it's (A chord diagramAA)so?
(Dm chord diagramDmDm) there'll be sad to(G chord diagramGG)m......
(F chord diagramFF)  Don't you know that it's (A chord diagramAA) so?   (Dm chord diagramDmDm)=20

(No Chord) There... is a place....
There's a (F chord diagramFF)place,  (Bb chord diagramBbBb) There's a..  (REPEAT AND FADE)

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Theres a place (Ver. 2)Chords

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