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The Beatles guitar tabs for Come together

Guitar tabs

this is only my second time typing tab up so just bear with me and send me
some mail . this is come together by the beatles. the only credit i take for
this is typing it up my friend darrin morris transcribed it for me. i kno
that there is another one on here but mine souds right k
come together
B chord diagramBB--------------------------------|
G chord diagramGG--------------10----------------|
D chord diagramDD-0--0---------10--12------------|    thats the first rif for the whole song
A chord diagramAA-------10/12--------------------|
E chord diagramEE--------------------------------|

now this is the D chord diagramDD boogie
B chord diagramBB---------------------------
G chord diagramGG---------------------------
D chord diagramDD-7--7--9--9----------------        note:all chords are down strums
A chord diagramAA-5--5--5--5----------------
E chord diagramEE---------------------------

other chords

A chord diagramAA 57xxxx
g#46xxxx i think
g 35xxxx

D chord diagramDD boogie
here come ...
D chord diagramDD boogie
he got joo ...
       A chord diagramAA                        g#
he got ...****
G chord diagramGG {strum only once at 1/8 of note}
got to be ...

B chord diagramBB--------------|
G chord diagramGG--------------|
D chord diagramDD--------------|    do this right after <hair down to knee>  cool
A chord diagramAA--7--6--6--5--|
E chord diagramEE--5--4--4--3--|

     Bm chord diagramBmBm              G chord diagramGG
come ...






   1/4bend    full bend
B chord diagramBB--13b-13-10--13b------
G chord diagramGG----------------------
D chord diagramDD----------------------          played at end while singing "come together"
A chord diagramAA----------------------          at full bend cool
E chord diagramEE----------------------

late chexmix adress atop donations acepeted

p.s its nomal tooning

e aster         transcribed by darrin morris
B chord diagramBB unnys
G chord diagramGG et
D chord diagramDD runk
A chord diagramAA t
E chord diagramEE aster  late chexmix

		Come Together - Beatles

Chords Used

Dm chord diagramDmDm  		A7 chord diagramA7A7		G7 chord diagramG7G7		Bm chord diagramBmBm		G chord diagramGG
000231       	002223		320001		000432		320003

The riff that they use in the song goes something like this

-------H chord diagramHH----1--3-----------

Dm chord diagramDmDm
Here come old ...,

Dm chord diagramDmDm
He got Joo ...

	A7 chord diagramA7A7
He got  Hair ...

G7 chord diagramG7G7
Got to be a ...


Dm chord diagramDmDm
He wear no ...
Dm chord diagramDmDm
He got monkey ...

        A7 chord diagramA7A7
He say, "I ...

G7 chord diagramG7G7
One thing I ...

     Bm chord diagramBmBm              G chord diagramGG
Come Together...


Dm chord diagramDmDm
He bag ...

Dm chord diagramDmDm
He got O-no ...

       A7 chord diagramA7A7
He got ...

G7 chord diagramG7G7
Hold you ...

     Bm chord diagramBmBm              G chord diagramGG
Come together...


Dm chord diagramDmDm
He roller ...

Dm chord diagramDmDm
He got muddy ...

        A7 chord diagramA7A7
He say, " One ...

G7 chord diagramG7G7
Got to be good ...

     Bm chord diagramBmBm
Come together, ...

Copywrite 1969 Northern Songs limited.


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