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Band Maid bass tabs for No god

Bass tabs

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
Tuning: Standard (E A D G)

Obviously Misa plays this on a 5-string, however she doesn't use
the low B at all in this solo which is a bonus if you play a 4.

🎸 Intro:
          s p p p s p s p s p s  s ps p s  sp sp sp s s  s pp s p p p

                s  sp p s  sp p s  s s  p p s  p p p s
        ^       :
She switches to a pick super quick here
but if holding a pick and slapping doesn't
work for you you can use double thumbing
instead which I think sounds even better.


| x  Dead note
| h  Hammer-on
| /  Slide up
| \  Slide down
| s  Slap
| P  Pop


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