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April Wine chords for Childs garden

Guitar chords with lyrics

Child's Garden - April Wine
A chord diagramA augmentedA - x02220
A chord diagramA7A7 - x02020
A chord diagramAsusAsus - x02230
A chord diagramD MajorD - xx0232
A chord diagramDm7Dm7 - xx0211
A chord diagramE MajorE - 022100
A chord diagramEsusEsus - 022200
Intro: A chord diagramA7A7 A chord diagramA7A7 A chord diagramDmDm A chord diagramA7A7 A chord diagramE7E7

(A chord diagramA augmentedA)Not so long ago when (A chord diagramA7A7)I was just a child
(A chord diagramD MajorD)I never realized the (A chord diagramDm7Dm7)way I felt inside
and how much you (A chord diagramA augmentedA)meant to me
(A chord diagramA7A7)how much you (A chord diagramD MajorD)meant to me
(A chord diagramDm7Dm7)And I don't think I've ever told you (A chord diagramA augmentedA)so
(A chord diagramA7A7)I thought you'd (A chord diagramD MajorD)like to know
that (A chord diagramDm7Dm7)now I see and I can under(A chord diagramA augmentedA)stand
(A chord diagramEsusEsus)(A chord diagramE MajorE)I understand(Asus, A chord diagramA augmentedA)

(A chord diagramAsusAsus)I was un(A chord diagramA augmentedA)kind
I(A chord diagramAsusAsus) must have been (A chord diagramA augmentedA)blind to your (A chord diagramE MajorE)sorrow
And(A chord diagramAsusAsus) night after (A chord diagramA augmentedA)night
(A chord diagramAsusAsus)Trying to (A chord diagramA augmentedA)live with your (A chord diagramE MajorE)sorrow

And I was a (A chord diagramG+G)bastard and (A chord diagramD MajorD)I was (A chord diagramA augmentedA)wrong
and I was (A chord diagramG+G)lost in the (A chord diagramD MajorD)things I've (A chord diagramA augmentedA)done
and I was (A chord diagramG+G)stealing (A chord diagramD MajorD)just for (A chord diagramA augmentedA)fun
and it was (A chord diagramG+G)breaking your heart (A chord diagramD MajorD)(A chord diagramDmDm)(A chord diagramA augmentedA)

So long ago when I was just a child
I never understood and never realized
How much you meant to me
How much you meant to me
And I don't think I've ever told you so
I thought you'd like to know
That now I see and I can understand
I understand.

I was unkind
I must have been blind to your sorrow
And night after night
Trying to live with your sorrow
I was unsure
Looking for more I was anxious
To be on my own
Living at home I was restless

I was a bastard and I was wrong
and I was lost in the things I've done
and I was stealing just for fun
and it was breaking your heart

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