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Most popular songs by Anthrax are Blood Eagle Wings, Breathing Lightning, You Gotta Believe, Madhouse, Breathing Lightning.

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Adi horror of it all (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Among the living (Bass)Bass tabs
Among the living (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Antisocial (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Antisocial acoustic (Chords)Guitar chords
Any place but here (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bare (Chords)Guitar chords
Blood eagle wings (Intro)Guitar intro
Blood eagle wings (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Breathing lightning (Bass)Bass tabs
Breathing lightning (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bring the noise (Bass)Bass tabs
Bring the noise (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Caught in A Mosh (Bass)Bass tabs
Caught in A Mosh (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Chromatic death (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Cought in A Mosh (Bass)Bass tabs
Drop the ball (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Fight em til you can't (Chords)Guitar chords
Friggin in The Riggin (Tabs)Guitar tabs
H8 red (Tabs)Guitar tabs
I am the law (Tabs)Guitar tabs
I'm alive (Intro)Guitar intro
I'm the man (Tabs)Guitar tabs
In the end (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Indians (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Intro to reality (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Lone justice (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Madhouse (Bass)Bass tabs
Madhouse (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Madhouse (Intro)Guitar intro
Medusa (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Milk (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Monster at The End (Intro)Guitar intro
N f b (Chords)Guitar chords
Nice fuckin ballad (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Only (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Panic (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Pieces (Chords)Guitar chords
Pieces (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Protest and survive (Chords)Guitar chords
Random acts of senseless violence (Bass)Bass tabs
Startin up a posse (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Stealing from a thief (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Superhero (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The constant (Tabs)Guitar tabs
What doesn't die (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Who cares wins (Tabs)Guitar tabs
You gotta believe (Tabs)Guitar tabs