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Alphaville chords for A victory of love

Guitar chords

SONG : A chord diagramA augmentedA victory of love
BY : Alphaville
ALBUM : Forever Young (1984)
WRITTEN BY : Alphaville
CHORDED BY : CLAB [tearsofpearls1984@hotmail.com]

If this is right, then it´s quite easy to play it. If it´s wrong,
then I expect someone with a better ear than mine to chord it

A chord diagramA minorAm A chord diagramE minorEm A chord diagramFF A chord diagramDmDm

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'A Victory Of Love' by Alphaville, Forever Young, a synthpop band formed in 1982 from Münster, Germany. Alphaville is known for their excitable rock/pop music.

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