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Kris Allen chords for Red guitar

Guitar chords with lyrics

Written by Kris Allen

Intro: D, Dsus, D, A chord diagramDsusDsus

It may not be
The best one
It may not be
Like the rest of 'em
But she makes it sound so sweet
The melody, she makes it siiiing

-------D---Dsus, D, A chord diagramDsusDsus
On her red guitar
The colour never fades away
No matter where she has it placed
-------------------Bm--------------------A-----G, A chord diagramA augmentedA
And my life would change when I saw the face
Of her red guitar

(Same for the next two verses:)

It's been through hell
Oh, the sound it makes
It takes me to
Some higher place
She doesn't have a clue
Oh, that I love to listen to


She plays it soft
So only I can hear
The same old song
That she played last year
And it may not have all the strings
Oh, but she strums it beautifully!


D, G, D, A chord diagramG+G



You just have to work out the timing of the tab.

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Red Guitar' by Kris Allen, a male pop artist. Kris Allen was born in 1985.

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