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Alice In Chains bass tabs for Got me wrong

Bass tabs with lyrics

"Got Me Wrong"
      by Alice in Chains from the album "Sap"
     Tabbed by Dave Miller (dwm3@po.cwru.edu)

I believe this is played tuned down. That is how it
is tabbed anyway. You can tell the tone by listening
to the song.

    Yeh.....          ...it goes away

    As of now...

    That don't last forever....(leads back into verse)

==      Created with a shareware version of the BUCKET 'O TAB      ==
==              For more information:              ==
==             email: gse@ocsystems.com             ==
==   US Mail: The Bucket, 3176-B5 Summit Square Dr., Oakton, VA 22124   ==
ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Got Me Wrong' by Alice In Chains, an alternative metal band formed in 1987 from Seattle, Washington, USA. Alice In Chains is known for their gritty rock/pop music.

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