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Alice In Chains chords and tabs

Alice In Chains tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Alice In Chains. Learn songs like Again (Ver2), Alice In Chains Album, Got Me Wrong, Sea Of Sorrow and Whale and Wasp easy.

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Song title Type
Acid BubbleGuitar Intro
AgainBass Tabs
AgainGuitar Tabs
Again (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Alice In Chains AlbumGuitar Tabs
All I AmGuitar Chords
All Secrets KnownGuitar Tabs
AloneGuitar Chords
Am I InsideGuitar Tabs
Am I Inside (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Angry ChairBass Tabs
Angry ChairGuitar Chords
Angry ChairGuitar Tabs
Angry Chair (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Angry Chair Acoustic LiveGuitar Tabs
Angry Chair  acousticGuitar Tabs
Black Gives Way To BlueGuitar Chords
Black Gives Way To BlueGuitar Tabs
Black Gives Way To Blue (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Black Gives Way To Blue AlbumGuitar Tabs
Bleed The FreakGuitar Chords
Bleed The FreakGuitar Tabs
Bleed The Freak IntroBass Tabs
Blood Tears Little GirlGuitar Chords
BlueGuitar Chords
BrotherGuitar Chords
BrotherGuitar Tabs
Brother AcousticGuitar Tabs
Check My BrainGuitar Chords
Check My BrainGuitar Tabs
Check My Brain (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Chemical AddictionGuitar Tabs
ChokeGuitar Tabs
ConfusionGuitar Chords
ConfusionGuitar Tabs
Dam That RiverBass Tabs
Dam That RiverGuitar Tabs
Damn That RiverBass Tabs
Deaf Ears Blind EyesGuitar Tabs
DiedGuitar Tabs
Died AcousticGuitar Chords
DirtBass Tabs
DirtGuitar Tabs
Dirt (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Dirt AlbumGuitar Tabs
Don't FollowGuitar Chords
Don't FollowGuitar Tabs
Down In A HoleBass Tabs
Down In A HoleGuitar Tabs
Down In A Hole (acoustic)Guitar Chords
Down In A Hole (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Down In A Hole AcousticGuitar Chords
Down In A Hole AcousticGuitar Tabs
DroneGuitar Chords
Facelift AlbumGuitar Tabs
FlyGuitar Chords
FlyGuitar Tabs
FrogsGuitar Tabs
Get Born AgainGuitar Chords
God AmGuitar Chords
GodsmackGuitar Tabs
Got Me WrongBass Tabs
Got Me WrongGuitar Tabs
Got Me Wrong Acoustic VersionGuitar Tabs
GrindBass Tabs
GrindGuitar Tabs
Hate To FeelBass Tabs
Hate To FeelGuitar Tabs
Head CreepsGuitar Tabs
Heaven Beside YouGuitar Chords
Heaven Beside YouGuitar Tabs
Heaven Beside You AcousticGuitar Tabs
HollowGuitar Tabs
Hung On A HookGuitar Tabs
I Can't RememberGuitar Tabs
I Know SomethingBass Tabs
I Stay AwayBass Tabs
I Stay AwayGuitar Chords
I Stay AwayGuitar Tabs
It Ain't Like ThatGuitar Tabs
It Ain't Like That (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Jar Of Flies AlbumGuitar Tabs
JunkheadBass Tabs
JunkheadGuitar Tabs
Killer Is MeGuitar Chords
Killer Is MeGuitar Tabs
Killing YourselfGuitar Intro
King Of The KatsGuitar Tabs
Lab MonkeyGuitar Tabs
Last Of My KindGuitar Tabs
Lesson LearnedGuitar Chords
Lesson LearnedGuitar Tabs
Lesson Learned (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Love Hate LoveGuitar Chords
Love Hate LoveGuitar Tabs
Lying SeasonGuitar Tabs
Man In The BoxBass Tabs