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AFI chords and tabs

AFI tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by AFI. Learn songs like Dumb Kids, Get Hurt, Morningstar, Paper Airplanes Makeshift Wings and The Boy Who Destroyed The World easy.

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Song title Type
100 WordsGuitar Tabs
17 CrimesBass Tabs
37mmGuitar Tabs
A Deep Slow PanicGuitar Tabs
A Story At ThreeGuitar Chords
A Winters TaleGuitar Chords
Above The BridgeGuitar Chords
Above The BridgeGuitar Tabs
AfflictionGuitar Tabs
AnxiousGuitar Tabs
AureliaBass Tabs
AureliaGuitar Chords
AureliaGuitar Tabs
Back Into The SunGuitar Chords
Back Into The SunGuitar Tabs
Beautiful ThievesBass Tabs
Beautiful ThievesGuitar Tabs
Bleed BlackGuitar Chords
Bleed BlackGuitar Intro
Break AngelsGuitar Tabs
Breathing Towers To HeavenGuitar Chords
But Home Is NowhereGuitar Chords
ButhomeisnowhereGuitar Tabs
Cereal WarsBass Tabs
Charles AtlasGuitar Chords
Cold HandsGuitar Intro
Cult StatusGuitar Chords
Cult StatusGuitar Tabs
Danceing Through Sunday Intro And VerseGuitar Tabs
Dancing Through SundayGuitar Tabs
Dark SnowGuitar Tabs
Darling I Want To Destroy YouGuitar Tabs
Days Of The PhoenixBass Tabs
Days Of The PhoenixGuitar Tabs
Death Of SeasonsGuitar Chords
Death Of SeasonsGuitar Tabs
Death Of The SeasonsGuitar Tabs
Don't ChangeGuitar Tabs
Don't Make Me IllGuitar Tabs
DulceríaGuitar Chords
Dumb KidsGuitar Tabs
End TransmissionBass Tabs
End TransmissionGuitar Intro
Endlessly She SaidGuitar Chords
Endlessly She SaidGuitar Tabs
Fainting SpellsGuitar Tabs
Fallen Like The SkyGuitar Chords
Feed From The FloorGuitar Tabs
Get DarkGuitar Tabs
Get HurtGuitar Chords
Girls Not GreyBass Tabs
Girls Not GreyGuitar Tabs
Girls Not Grey AcousticGuitar Tabs
God Called In Sick TodayGuitar Tabs
HalloweenGuitar Chords
HalloweenGuitar Tabs
He Who Laughs LastGuitar Tabs
Heart StopsGuitar Tabs
Hidden KnivesGuitar Tabs
I Am Trying Very Hard To Be HereGuitar Tabs
I Hope You SufferGuitar Chords
I Wanna Get A MohawkGuitar Tabs
It Was MineGuitar Tabs
Just Like HeavenGuitar Tabs
Keeping Out Of Direct SunlightGuitar Tabs
Kill CausticGuitar Tabs
Last CaressGuitar Tabs
Love Like WinterGuitar Chords
Love Like WinterGuitar Tabs
MedicateBass Tabs
MedicateGuitar Tabs
Miss MurderBass Tabs
Miss MurderGuitar Chords
Miss MurderGuitar Tabs
Miss Murder (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Miss MurdererGuitar Tabs
Morning StarGuitar Chords
MorningstarGuitar Tabs
No ResurrectionGuitar Chords
No ResurrectionGuitar Tabs
Of Greetings And GoodbyesGuitar Chords
Ok I Feel Better NowGuitar Chords
Ok I Feel Better NowGuitar Tabs
On The ArrowGuitar Tabs
Paper Airplanes Makeshift WingsGuitar Tabs
Paper Airplanes  make Shift WingsGuitar Tabs
Pink EyesBass Tabs
Pink EyesGuitar Tabs
Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37Bass Tabs
Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37Guitar Chords
Reivers MusicGuitar Tabs
RewindGuitar Tabs
Rievers MusicGuitar Tabs
Sacrifice TheoryBass Tabs
She Speaks The LanguageGuitar Tabs
Silver And ColdGuitar Tabs
Silver And ColdGuitar Tabs