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Aerosmith chords for Devils got a new disguise

Chords with lyrics

         Chord diagramA minorAm
If You see kay, you got to revel

No angel wings more like the devil

She was so hot, so cool and nasty
               Chord diagramFF                      Chord diagramA minorAm
Believe it or not, here's what she asked me

         Chord diagramA minorAm
If you need love with no condition

Let's do the do, honey, I'm on a mission
       Chord diagramD MajorD
Ain't no mistakin, my body's shakin

     Chord diagramBB
My soul's been taken

      Chord diagramC majorC                 Dm-G-F
By a devil with a new disguise
      Chord diagramD MajorD                       Chord diagramFF
The girl's so witchin, my backbone's twitchin

   Chord diagramBb majorBb
Cause down in hell's kitchen

        Chord diagramC majorC                    Chord diagramDmDm
The devil's got a new disguise

             Chord diagramA minorAm
If you see kay, tell her I Love her

She did mein but I'll recover

She said love was her desire

All that she touched she set on fire

Shew was so diss, I coldn't slay her

Sheblew a kiss, I threw the dagger
(Repeat Chorus)
     Chord diagramFF                       Chord diagramA augmentedA
She came from the wrong side of town

      Chord diagramDbDb
Everytime she got off

      Chord diagramE MajorE
She gets knocked back down

        Chord diagramA minorAm
She's heaven materialized

She givin me hell but it ain't no surprise

She's a bit uncivilized

Ad lib: Dm-F-Bb-C (2x)

(Repeat Chorus)

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Devils got a new disguise (Ver. 2)Chords

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