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Adie chords for Paralumbay


  • Capo on 3rd
Key: Chord diagramEb MajorEb

🎸 Pre-Chorus:
Chord diagramFF                Chord diagramG7G7
May dahilan pa ba para lumigaya
Chord diagramC majorC          Chord diagramG/BG/B      Chord diagramA minorAm  Chord diagramA7A7
Kung sa piling niya ika'y masaya?
        Chord diagramDmDm           Chord diagramF minorFm
Ayoko na lang magsalita

🎸 Chorus:
Chord diagramC majorC         Chord diagramE minorEm
 O Paraluman
          Chord diagramE7E7
Ba't ka lumisan?
Chord diagramA minorAm
Di na kita
Chord diagramAm7Am7          Chord diagramG+G  FM7
Maaaring madala sa
 FM7     Chord diagramDm7Dm7  Chord diagramG7G7    Chord diagramC majorC
Chord diagramC majorC          Chord diagramE minorEm
Palagi ka niya
 Chord diagramE7E7         Chord diagramA minorAm
Sanang ingatan
           Chord diagramAm7Am7
Wag pagsawaan
           Chord diagramG+G
Wag ka rin pabayaan
    FM7       Chord diagramFF
Isasayaw kita
   Chord diagramG7G7
Sa panaginip na lang nga
           Chord diagramC majorC
Paalam na.
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Paralumbay' by Adie, Adrienne Liesching, Adie Camp, a female alternative rock artist from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Adie was born in 1981. Adie is known for her happy religious music.

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