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Ryan Adams tabs for Goodnight hollywood blvd

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Album: Gold

A chord diagramC majorC = 332010
A chord diagramE minorEm = 022000
A chord diagramG+G = 320033
A chord diagramFF = 133211 In the verse you can play FM7 033210
A chord diagramA minorAm = 002210
A chord diagramAm/GAm/G = 302210
Am/F# = 202210
A chord diagramF minorFm = 133111
A chord diagramEb MajorEb = xx5343
A chord diagramG minorGm = 355333
A chord diagramAbAb = 466533 (though something (the voice or strings ) is an A chord diagramFF chord)
A chord diagramBb majorBb = 113331 or xx3331
A chord diagramD MajorD = xx4232
A chord diagramC#C# = xx3123

[A chord diagramC majorC]It's happening [A chord diagramE minorEm]baby, they're

[A chord diagramG+G] putting up the[A chord diagramC majorC]chairs,

taking the [A chord diagramFF]money and [A chord diagramE MajorE]all we can do is

[A chord diagramA minorAm]pray, pray for tomorrow. [A chord diagramAm/GAm/G]

So [A chord diagramC majorC]close your eyes[A chord diagramE minorEm] and

[A chord diagramG+G]close your mouth[A chord diagramC majorC],

[A chord diagramFF] do this all the [A chord diagramE MajorE]time to the

[A chord diagramA minorAm]music that screams like a [A chord diagramAm/GAm/G]chi[Am/F#]ld in the back of your

[A chord diagramF minorFm]mind, [A chord diagramC majorC]in a clown's [A chord diagramEb MajorEb]saloon. [A chord diagramEb MajorEb] [A chord diagramEb MajorEb] [A chord diagramG+G]

So[A chord diagramC majorC]goodnight Hollywood[A chord diagramG minorGm]Blvd, goodnight

[A chord diagramAbAb], see ya [A chord diagramBb majorBb]soon.

[A chord diagramC majorC]goodnight Hollywood[A chord diagramG minorGm]Blvd, goodnight

[A chord diagramAbAb], see [A chord diagramBb majorBb]ya some[A chord diagramC majorC]time.

[A chord diagramG minorGm] [A chord diagramAbAb] [A chord diagramAbAb]see [A chord diagramBb majorBb]ya some [A chord diagramFF]time

yeah[A chord diagramEb MajorEb]right [A chord diagramD MajorD] [A chord diagramC#C#] yeah right[A chord diagramC majorC]

Run away baby Back to your lonely house
You wanted the honey But you were only just stinging yourself
It's hard to watch

So I close my eyes  And I close my mouth
And I do this all in time to the music That dances like fools set on
Flailing their arms in a room full of whores

 So goodnight Hollywood Blvd, goodnight,
 See ya soon
 Goodnight Hollywood Blvd, see you sometime
See you sometime
 Yeah, right  Yeah, right
Yeah, right  Yeah, right

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