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Accept chords and tabs

Accept tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Accept. Learn songs like Balls To The Wall (Ver2), Beat The Bastards, Carry The Weight, Midnight Highway and Wanna Be Free easy.

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Song title Type
Ahead Of The PackGuitar Chords
Amamos La VidaGuitar Tabs
Balls To The WallBass Tabs
Balls To The WallGuitar Tabs
Balls To The Wall (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Beat The BastardsGuitar Tabs
Breaking Up AgainGuitar Chords
Carry The WeightGuitar Chords
Dead OnGuitar Tabs
Down And OutGuitar Chords
Fast As A SharkGuitar Chords
Fast As A SharkGuitar Tabs
FeelingsGuitar Chords
Heaven Is HellGuitar Tabs
Kill The PainGuitar Chords
Life’s A BitchGuitar Chords
Losers And WinnersGuitar Chords
Metal HeartGuitar Tabs
Midnight HighwayGuitar Chords
PandemicGuitar Tabs
Restless And WildGuitar Chords
Shake Your HeadsGuitar Chords
StalingradGuitar Tabs
Teutonic TerrorGuitar Tabs
Teutonic Terror (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
The KingGuitar Chords
Too High To Get It RightGuitar Chords
Wanna Be FreeGuitar Chords
WinterdreamsGuitar Chords
Worlds CollidingGuitar Chords
Writing On The WallGuitar Chords