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AC/DC bass tabs for Whole lotta rosie

Bass tabs with lyrics

Album: If You Want Blood, You've Got It

Timing not tabbed out, but you'll figure it out!



           repeat 3 x


Want to tell you a story
'Bout a woman I know
When it comes to lovin'
Ooo, she steals the show
She ain't exactly pretty
Ain't exactly small
You could say she's got it all

Never had a woman
Never had a woman like you
Doin' all the things
Doin' all the things you do
Ain't no fan of starlet ?
Ain't no skin and bones
But you give it all you got
Well your nearly nineteen stone

You're a whole lotta woman
A whole lotta woman
A whole lotta Rosie
Whole lotta Rosie x 2
You're a whole lotta woman
(2nd: Gives a whole lot of love)

Only you can do it
Do it to me all night long
Only want to turn
Only want to turn me on
All through the night time
Right around the clock
To my suprise, eh
Rosie never stop




        Created using the Bass Tab Creator
   __     by Mario D'Alessio (motcid!marble!dalessio)
  +|oo|+    Notes: w = Whole h = Half q = Quarter
   ||         e = 8th  s = 16th t = 32nd x = 64th
   ||         Capital durations are dotted notes
   ||          (equal to 1.5 times the duration value)
   ||       #
   ||     +----+          +----+
 _ || _   |*--*+ = MEASURE    |4:--| = TIME
 \\_||_//   |*--*+  REPEATS    |4:--|  SIGNATURES
  | [] |    +----+  (#=Num Repeats) +----+
  | || |
 / [] \   + = TIE     ^ = TRIPLET      > = BEND
 \______/   H = HAMMER ON  \ = SLIDE TO FRET   R = Rest
        P = PULL OFF  \X = SLIDE TO NOWHERE ~ = Trill
ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Whole Lotta Rosie' by AC/DC, a hard rock band formed in 1973 from Sydney, Australia. AC/DC is known for their energetic rock/pop music.

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