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Under Attack by ABBA

Tabs with lyrics

INTRO:   Chord diagramB7sus4B7sus4

bass riff:   A-----0--2------0--2---------0-2-------

(VERSE) (Chord diagramB7sus4B7sus4) Don't know how to take it, don't know where to (Chord diagramB7B7) go
My (Chord diagramB7sus4B7sus4) resistance running (Chord diagramB7B7) low
And every day the (Chord diagramE MajorE) hold is getting (Chord diagramA augmentedA) tighter and it (Chord diagramBB) troubles me (Chord diagramE MajorE) so
(You know that I'm nobody's (Chord diagramB7sus4B7sus4) fool)
I'm nobody's fool and yet it's clear to (Chord diagramB7B7) me
I (Chord diagramB7sus4B7sus4) don't have a (Chord diagramB7B7) strategy
It's just like taking (Chord diagramE MajorE) candy from a (Chord diagramA augmentedA) baby and I think I (Chord diagramBB) must (Chord diagramE MajorE) be

(CHORUS) (Chord diagramE MajorE) Under attack, I'm (Chord diagramA augmentedA) being (Chord diagramBB) taken
(Chord diagramE MajorE) About to (Chord diagramG#G#) crack, defences breaking
(Chord diagramA augmentedA) Won't some (Chord diagramA major 6A6) body (Chord diagramA augmentedA) please (Chord diagramE MajorE) have a heart
Come and (Chord diagramA augmentedA) rescue me (Chord diagramA major 6A6) now 'cause (Chord diagramA augmentedA) I'm (Chord diagramD MajorD) falling (Chord diagramBB) apart
Under attack, I'm taking cover
He's on my track, my chasing lover
Thinking nothing can stop him now
Should I want to, I'm not sure I (Chord diagramA augmentedA) (Chord diagramE MajorE) would know how



Synth solo:  | Chord diagramB7sus4B7sus4 |  repeatx3  then   Chord diagramG#G#   Chord diagramA augmentedA   Chord diagramE MajorE   Chord diagramA augmentedA   Chord diagramE MajorE   Chord diagramE MajorE


B7sus4:  x24252
B7:  x24242 or x21202 or 797877
G#:  466544
A6:  x02222

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