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ABBA chords for Kisses of fire

Guitar chords with lyrics

(A chord diagramC6C6)Now there's nothing at all(A chord diagramG minorGm)   (A chord diagramG minorGm)that can keep(A chord diagramC6C6) us apart(A chord diagramD MajorD)
(A chord diagramD MajorD)tips
(A chord diagramGm7Gm7)Things that you (A chord diagramAm7Am7)do, and you (A chord diagramBb majorBb)know I'm crazy 'bout you(A chord diagramC majorC)(A chord diagramCsus4Csus4)

(CHORUS): (A chord diagramFF)Kisses of fire, burn(A chord diagramDmDm)ing, burning
(A chord diagramBb majorBb)I'm at the point of no (A chord diagramC majorC)returning
(A chord diagramFF)Kisses of fire, swee(A chord diagramDmDm)t devotions
(A chord diagramA minorAm)
(A chord diagramDmDm)I've had my share of love affairs(A chord diagramBb majorBb) and they were nothing compared to(A chord diagramFF) this
(A chord diagramC majorC)Oh, (A chord diagramFF)I'm riding higher than the (A chord diagramBb majorBb)sky and there is fire in every (A chord diagramC majorC)kiss
(A chord diagramDmDm)re
(A chord diagramBbM7Bbm7)Kisses of fire

(VERSE):When you sleep by my side I feel safe and I know I belong
Still it's making me scared that my love is so strong
Losing you It's a nightmare, babe, and to me it's new
Never before did you see me begging for more


Bbm7: x13121 or 686666
C6: xx3221 or 4x3555
Gm9: xx10,8,10,10 or 043533 or x3132x

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