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ABBA chords for I wonder

Guitar chords

VERSE: (A chord diagramG+G)here
(am returning
(A chord diagramD7D7)
(A chord diagramG+G)wise
(A chord diagramAm7Am7)expecting surprises
CHORUS:  (A chord diagramC majorC)I wonder, (A chord diagramG+G)it's frightening
(A chord diagramC majorC)
I (A chord diagramE minor 7Em7)scares me
(A chord diagramC majorC)try
(A chord diagramAm7Am7)
Oh (A chord diagramG7G7)
(A chord diagramE minorEm)time
(A chord diagramAm7Am7)Yes I will take it, it can't go (A chord diagramG+G)wrong

(VERSE 2:)My friends and my family, this dull little town
Buses I've missed, boys that I've kissed
Everything old and familiar


D7: xx0212 or x57575
G/B: x20003
D7sus4: xx0213
D7-5: xx0112
Cmaj7: x23000 or x35453
B7: x21202 or x24242
Em7: 022030 or 020000 or x79787

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I wonder (Ver. 2)Chords

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