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ABBA chords for I have a dream

Guitar chords

Here is I Have A chord diagramA augmentedA Dream by Abba from the Voulez-Vous album.  You can do this
song the barre way (which I will post) or with a capo on the 1st fret.

Intro:  A chord diagramBb majorBb       A chord diagramF7F7        A chord diagramBb majorBb

Verse:   A chord diagramBb majorBb    I ..(A chord diagramF7F7), a ..(A chord diagramBb majorBb) to ..
(A chord diagramF7F7) with .. (A chord diagramBb majorBb).  if ..(A chord diagramF7F7) of ..(A chord diagramBb majorBb),
you ..(A chord diagramF7F7) even ..(A chord diagramBb majorBb).  I ..
(A chord diagramF7F7), something ..(A chord diagramEb MajorEb) everything ..(A chord diagramBb majorBb), I ..
when ..(A chord diagramEb MajorEb) is ..(A chord diagramBb majorBb).  I'll ..
(A chord diagramF7F7),  I ..(A chord diagramBb majorBb).


F7: 131211
Eb: xx1343
Bb: x13331

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'I Have A Dream' by ABBA, a pop band formed in 1970 from Stockholm, Sweden. ABBA is known for their cheerful rock/pop music.

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