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ABBA chords for Hasta manana

Guitar chords with lyrics

SONG: Hasta Maana
Chords by Gary Anderson (gary_o_anderson@yahoo.com)
A chord diagramC7C7

A chord diagramC majorC
  Where is the spring and the summer

A chord diagramD7D7
  that once was yours and mine.
A chord diagramBb majorBb
  Where did it go?   I just don't know,
A chord diagramC7C7
  but still my love for you will live forever.

A chord diagramG minorGm
Hasta maana 'til we meet again. Don't know where,  don't know when.
                              A chord diagramC7C7
Darling our love was much too strong to die,
A chord diagramC7C7
  we'll find a way to face a new tomorrow.
A chord diagramG minorGm
Hasta maana say we'll meet again. I can't do without you.
A chord diagramBbmBbm
Time to forget, send me a letter. Say you forgive the sooner the better.
A chord diagramFF
Hasta maana baby, hasta maana until then.

Where is the dream we were dreaming and all the nights we shared.

Where did they go? I just don't know,
and I can tell you just how much I miss you.

REPEAT CHORUS TWO MORE TIMES (The last CHORUS is played one semitone up after playing A chord diagramC#7C#7).

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