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ABBA chords for Hasta maana

Guitar chords with lyrics

(A chord diagramD MajorD) but go ahead and play the chords that sounds better. Enjoy!

intro: A chord diagramFF   A chord diagramA minorAm    A chord diagramB#B#    A chord diagramC majorC

(A chord diagramFF)Where is the (Am}spring and the (A chord diagramB#B#)summer (A chord diagramC majorC)
(A chord diagramFF)that once was (A chord diagramA minorAm)yours and mine.(A chord diagramB#B#)    (A chord diagramD7D7)
(A chord diagramG minorGm)Where did it go, (A chord diagramB#B#)I just don't know,
(A chord diagramG minorGm)but still my love for you will (A chord diagramC majorC)live forever.

(A chord diagramFF)Hasta mañana 'till we (A chord diagramA minorAm)meet again,
(A chord diagramDmDm)don't know where, don't know (A chord diagramG minorGm)when.
(A chord diagramG minorGm)Darling our love was much too (A chord diagramC majorC)strong to die,
(A chord diagramG minorGm)we'll find a way to face a (A chord diagramC majorC)new tomorrow.
(A chord diagramFF)Hasta mañana say we'll (A chord diagramA minorAm)meet again,
(A chord diagramD7D7)I can't do without (A chord diagramG minorGm)you.
(A chord diagramB#B#)Time to forget, sebd me a letter,
(Bm#)Say you forgive, the sooner the better.
(A chord diagramFF)Hasta (A chord diagramD7D7)mañana baby, (A chord diagramG minorGm)hasta (A chord diagramC majorC)mañana until then. (A chord diagramFF)

Repeat Verse sequence and Chorus, but at the end of the Chorus, play (A chord diagramC#7C#7)

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