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ABBA chords for Dum dum diddle

Guitar chords with lyrics

(VERSE 1:) (A chord diagramE MajorE)I can hear (A chord diagramF# minorF#m)how you work, (A chord diagramA augmentedA)practising (A chord diagramBB)hard
Playing (A chord diagramA augmentedA)oh
(A chord diagramE MajorE)And it sounds (A chord diagramF# minorF#m)better now
(A chord diagramA augmentedA)oh
But it's bad (A chord diagramF#m7F#m7)
(A chord diagramG#m7G#m7)You're so sad (A chord diagramF#m7F#m7)
(A chord diagramG#m7G#m7)And you're (A chord diagramF# minorF#m)only smiling (A chord diagramA augmentedA)  (A chord diagramBB)
When you (A chord diagramBB)

(CHORUS): (A chord diagramE MajorE)Dum-dum-diddle, to be(A chord diagramBB) your fiddle
To be(A chord diagramF# minorF#m) so near you and not(A chord diagramB7B7) just hear you
(A chord diagramE MajorE)Dum-dum-diddle, to (A chord diagramBB)be your fiddle
I (A chord diagramF# minorF#m)think then maybe you'd see(A chord diagramBB) me, baby
(A chord diagramBB)
And we'd (A chord diagramA augmentedA)be together all the time (A chord diagramBB)
Wish I was, dum (A chord diagramE MajorE)-dum-(A chord diagramG# minorG#m)diddle, your (A chord diagramA augmentedA)darling (A chord diagramBB)fiddle

(VERSE 2):But I think you don't know that I exist
I'm the quiet kind, woah-oh
From the day when I first listened to you
You've been on my mind, woah-oh
You don't care
It's not fair
And you're only smiling
When you play your violin


F#m: 244222
F#m7: 242222
G#m7: 464444
G#m: 466444
B7: x21202 or x24242 or 797877
B: x24442 or 799877
E: 022100 or x79997
A: x02220 or 577655

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