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ABBA chords for As good as new (Ver. 2)

Guitar chords with lyrics


Here are the chords to As Good As New byAbba from the Voulez-Vous album.
A chord diagramG minorGm

I'll (A chord diagramG minorGm) never know why I had to go, why I had to put up such a (A chord diagramFF) lousy
rotten show.  Boy (A chord diagramG minorGm), I was tough, packin' all my stuff, sayin' I don't
need you anymore (A chord diagramFF) I've had enough.  And now (A chord diagramBb majorBb), look (A chord diagramC majorC) at me
standin' (A chord diagramFF) here again (A chord diagramDm7Dm7) 'cause I (A chord diagramBb majorBb) found (A chord diagramC majorC) out that- ma (A chord diagramA minorAm) ma
ma ma ma ma ma ma (A chord diagramG#m7G#m7) ma ma ma ma ma ma ma My (A chord diagramGm7Gm7) life is here, gotta
have you near    (A chord diagramC majorC).

Chorus:  As  (A chord diagramFF) good as new,  my love (A chord diagramC majorC) for you, and keeping (A chord diagramFF) it that
way is my intention (A chord diagramC majorC).  As good (A chord diagramFF) as new, and growing (A chord diagramBb majorBb) too, yes I
think (A chord diagramGm7Gm7)  it's taking on (A chord diagramC7C7) a new di(A chord diagramFF)mension.  It's (A chord diagramC7C7) as good as
new (A chord diagramFF), my love (A chord diagramC majorC) for you, just like (A chord diagramFF) it used to be and even better
(A chord diagramC majorC), as good (A chord diagramFF) as new thank god (A chord diagramBb majorBb) it's true   (A chord diagramFF)  darling (A chord diagramGm7Gm7) we
were always meant (A chord diagramC7C7) to stay together (A chord diagramFF).

(verse2) then (chorus) then instrumental

A chord diagramG7G7) that our love
(A chord diagramC majorC) was never meant (A chord diagramA minorAm) but here (A chord diagramDm7Dm7) I am (A chord diagramG7G7) again (A chord diagramC7C7).


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