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ABBA chords for Andante andante

Guitar chords with lyrics

(VERSE) Take it (A chord diagramFF)easy (A chord diagramC majorC)with me, (A chord diagramFF)please
(A chord diagramFF)breeze
Take your (A chord diagramBb majorBb)time, make it (A chord diagramFF)slow
Andante, (A chord diagramBb majorBb)Andante
Just (A chord diagramC7C7)

Make your fingers soft and light
Let your body be the velvet of the night
Touch my soul, you know how
Andante, Andante
Go slowly with me now

(CHORUS) (A chord diagramFF)I'm your (A chord diagramBb majorBb)music
(I am your music and (A chord diagramFF)I am your song)
I'm (A chord diagramBb majorBb)your song
(I am your music and I am your song)
Play me (A chord diagramEb MajorEb)time and time (A chord diagramFF)again (A chord diagramF7F7)and make me (A chord diagramBb majorBb)strong
(Play me again 'cause you're making me strong)
Make me (A chord diagramEb MajorEb)sing, make me (A chord diagramBb majorBb)sound
(You make me sing and you make me)
Andante, (A chord diagramEb MajorEb)Andante
Tread (A chord diagramFF)lightly on my (A chord diagramBb majorBb)ground
Andante, (A chord diagramEb MajorEb)Andante
Oh (A chord diagramFF)please don't let me (A chord diagramBb majorBb)down

(VERSE) There's a shimmer in your eyes
Like the feeling of a thousand butterflies
Please don't talk, go on, play
Andante, Andante
And let me float away


Eb: x65343 or x68886
F7: 131233 or x8 10 8 10 8
Bb: x13331 or 688766

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