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A-ha chords and tabs

A-ha tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by A-ha. Learn songs like Living At The End Of The World, Shadowside, Summer Rain, The Bandstand and You Have Grown Thoughtful Again easy.

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Song title Type
(seemingly) Nonstop JulyGuitar Chords
A Break In The CloudsGuitar Chords
A Fine Blue LineGuitar Chords
Analogue All I WantGuitar Chords
Angel In The SnowGuitar Chords
As IfGuitar Chords
As If (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Between The Halo And The HornGuitar Chords
Bluest Of BlueGuitar Chords
BumblebeeGuitar Chords
Cast In SteelGuitar Chords
CeliceGuitar Chords
CeliceGuitar Tabs
Cry WolfGuitar Chords
Days On EndGuitar Chords
DifferencesGuitar Chords
Don't Do Me Any FavoursGuitar Chords
East Of The SunGuitar Chords
Giving Up The GhostGuitar Chords
Halfway Through The TourGuitar Chords
Heavens Not For SaintsGuitar Chords
Here I Stand And Face The RainGuitar Chords
HolygroundGuitar Chords
Hunter In The HillsGuitar Chords
Hunting High And LowGuitar Tabs
Hurry HomeGuitar Chords
I Call Your NameGuitar Chords
I Dream Myself AliveGuitar Chords
I Wish I CaredGuitar Chords
I Won't Forget HerGuitar Chords
I'm InGuitar Chords
I've Been Losing YouBass Tabs
I've Been Losing YouGuitar Chords
Keeper Of The FlameGuitar Chords
Less Than PureGuitar Chords
Living At The End Of The WorldGuitar Chords
LocustGuitar Chords
Make It SoonGuitar Chords
Manhattan SkylineGuitar Chords
Mary Ellen Makes The Moment CountGuitar Chords
Maybe MaybeGuitar Chords
Memorial BeachGuitar Chords
Minor Earth Major SkyGuitar Chords
Mother Nature Goes To HeavenGuitar Chords
Move To MemphisGuitar Chords
MythomaniaGuitar Chords
Nothing Is Keeping You HereGuitar Chords
Obejects In The MirrorGuitar Chords
Oh My WordGuitar Chords
Out Or Blue Comes GreenGuitar Chords
Over The TreetopsGuitar Chords
Real MeaningGuitar Chords
Riding The CrestGuitar Chords
Seemingly Nonstop JulyGuitar Chords
Seemingly Nonstop JulyGuitar Tabs
Shadow EndeavorsGuitar Chords
ShadowsideGuitar Chords
Shapes That Go TogetherGuitar Chords
SolaceGuitar Chords
Start The SimulatorGuitar Chords
Summer RainGuitar Chords
Sunny MisteryGuitar Chords
Sunny MysteryGuitar Chords
Sycamore LeavesGuitar Chords
Take On MeBass Tabs
Take On MeGuitar Chords
Take On MeGuitar Intro
Take On Me (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Take On Me (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Take On Me (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Take On Me (Ver4)Guitar Chords
Take On Me AcousticGuitar Chords
Take On Me AcousticGuitar Tabs
Take On Me Acoustic (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Take On Me UkuleleGuitar Chords
The BandstandGuitar Chords
The Killing MoonGuitar Chords
The Summers Of Our YouthGuitar Chords
The Sun Always Shines On TvGuitar Chords
The Sun Never Shone That DayGuitar Chords
The WakeGuitar Chords
The Wake (Ver2)Guitar Chords
The Way We TalkBass Tabs
There's A Reason For ItGuitar Chords
There's Never A Forever ThingGuitar Chords
This Alone Is LoveGuitar Chords
To Let You WinGuitar Chords
TouchyGuitar Chords
True NorthGuitar Chords
Under The Make-upGuitar Chords
Under The MakeupGuitar Chords
VelvetGuitar Chords
What There IsGuitar Chords
You Are The OneGuitar Chords
You Have Grown Thoughtful AgainGuitar Chords
You Have What It TakesGuitar Chords
You'll Never Get Over MeGuitar Chords