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A Great Big Pile Of Leaves chords and tabs

 tabs and guitar chords

Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by A Great Big Pile Of Leaves. Learn songs like Egocentrism, Snack Attack, Alligator Bop and Workeatsleep easy.

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Song title Type Rating
A few screws looseGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Alligator bopGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Bring back breakfastGuitar IntroGuitar Intro  
EgocentrismGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Learn to shareGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Race car drivingGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Snack attackGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
This is a country songGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Vampires in LoveGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
WorkeatsleepGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs