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5 Seconds Of Summer chords and tabs

Accurate guitar tabs and chords by 5 Seconds Of Summer
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by 5 Seconds Of Summer. Learn songs like Caramel, Mrs All American, No Shame, Outer Space and Over and Over Ukulele easy.

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Song title Type
18Guitar Chords
2011Guitar Chords
2011Guitar Tabs
500 Years Of Winter - Pizza SongBass Tabs
AirplanesGuitar Chords
AmnesiaGuitar Chords
AmnesiaGuitar Tabs
Amnesia (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Amnesia UkuleleGuitar Chords
BabylonBass Tabs
BabylonGuitar Chords
BabylonGuitar Tabs
Babylon UkuleleGuitar Chords
Bad DreamsGuitar Chords
Bad OmensBass Tabs
Bad OmensGuitar Chords
Best FriendBass Tabs
Best FriendGuitar Chords
Best YearsGuitar Chords
Better ManBass Tabs
Better ManGuitar Chords
BleachGuitar Chords
BlenderBass Tabs
BlenderGuitar Chords
BloodhoundBass Tabs
Broken HomeGuitar Chords
Calm AlbumGuitar Chords
CaramelGuitar Chords
CaramelGuitar Solo
CarouselBass Tabs
CarouselGuitar Chords
Carry OnGuitar Chords
CastawayGuitar Chords
CastawayGuitar Tabs
Catch FireGuitar Chords
Complete MessGuitar Chords
Complete MessGuitar Intro
Dancing With A StrangerGuitar Tabs
Dancing With A Stranger AcousticGuitar Chords
DisconnectedGuitar Chords
DisconnectedGuitar Intro
EasierBass Tabs
EasierGuitar Chords
Easier (Ver2)Guitar Chords
EighteenGuitar Chords
EighteenGuitar Tabs
EmotionsGuitar Chords
EmotionsGuitar Tabs
Empty WalletsBass Tabs
Empty WalletsGuitar Chords
End Up HereGuitar Chords
Everything I WantGuitar Chords
FlatlineBass Tabs
FlatlineGuitar Chords
FlatlineGuitar Solo
Fly AwayGuitar Chords
Ghost Of YouGuitar Chords
Ghost Of YouGuitar Tabs
Ghost Of You (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Ghost Of You (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Ghost Of You (Ver3)Guitar Tabs
Ghost Of You UkuleleGuitar Chords
Girls Talk BoysGuitar Chords
Good GirlsGuitar Chords
Gotta Get OutGuitar Chords
GreenlightGuitar Chords
HazeBass Tabs
Heartache On The Big ScreenGuitar Chords
Heartbreak GirlGuitar Chords
Heartbreak Girl (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Hearts Upon Our SleeveGuitar Chords
Hey EverybodyGuitar Chords
HighBass Tabs
HighGuitar Chords
HighGuitar Tabs
High UkuleleGuitar Chords
I Miss YouGuitar Tabs
If Walls Could TalkBass Tabs
If Walls Could TalkGuitar Chords
If Walls Could TalkGuitar Tabs
InvisibleGuitar Chords
I've Got This FriendGuitar Chords
Jet Black HeartGuitar Chords
Just SayingGuitar Chords
Just Saying (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Kill My TimeBass Tabs
Kill My TimeGuitar Chords
Killer QueenGuitar Tabs
Lie To MeGuitar Chords
Lie To MeGuitar Tabs
Lie To Me (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Lie To Me AcousticGuitar Chords
Lie To Me UkuleleGuitar Chords
Lonely HeartBass Tabs
Lonely HeartGuitar Chords
Lonely HeartGuitar Tabs
Long Way HomeGuitar Chords