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From: phillip@flagstaff.Princeton.EDU (Phillip Charles Saunders)
>Subject: TAB: 10k Maniacs "Like the Weather"

This doesn't seem to be posting right, I'll try again.

Like The Weather, by 10,000 Maniacs, from "In My Tribe"

(Intro 2 X)

Bm G  A  F#m  G  A (x2)

(With Intro melody)
 D G A

(With Intro melody)
 D G A

D5 E5 A5 (A6) A5 (x2)

G-A (slide up) G-A


G-A (slide) G-A

G Dsus2

D5 E5 G A (x2)

(guitar solo)
 D5 E5 A5 (A6) A5 (x4)


Transcribed by Phil Saunders, from the In My Tribe album.
This should be close, except for the F#m in the verse.
Perhaps this chord should be an A6 or a D or a F#m in fifth position?
I'm not sure which fits best.

Corrections welcome, as is tab for the guitar solo.
It starts in fifth position playing around with the chords.

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