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0 1 1 Gravity tabs for No faith

Guitar tabs with lyrics

No faith By 0(1-1) Gravity

Key:    /   =   Slide up
        \   =   Slide down
        po  =   Pull Off
        bu  =   Bend note up
        rb  =   Release bend
        ~~  =   Vibrato
        N.C.=   No Chord

  The Intro is played using two guitars, guitar 1 is the main guitar it
uses a clean sound with strong reverb and a thick chorus, guitar 2 uses
a slightly distorted sound with soft reverb. Both guitars are finger
picked throughout.

     A chord diagramD5D5    A chord diagramE5E5      A chord diagramF5F5    A chord diagramFsus2Fsus2        A chord diagramG5G5          A chord diagramBbsus2Bbsus2

     N.C.                                                 A chord diagramC5C5
e-|--6-/8-\6-\5----------|-                            G-|-5---|-
B-|--6-/8-\6-\5--8-po-6--|-  Repeat Intro riff twice   D-|-5---|-
G-|----------------------|-  2nd time end with this>>  A-|-3---|-

  After the 1st intro guitar 1 plays full chords using a clean sound,
guitar 2 plays power chords with heavy distortion.

Intro 2
|:F    A chord diagramC majorC|      |A chord diagramFF     C:|


  In the verse there is only one guitar which uses a clean sound, the
chords are picked throughout.
|:Am    |A chord diagramDmDm     |A chord diagramBb majorBb     |A chord diagramC majorC    :|A chord diagramBb majorBb    |

Repeat Intro 2


  In the chorus there is only one guitar which is distorted. The chords
are strummed.
|:F     |A chord diagramDmDm     |A chord diagramG minorGm     |A chord diagramC majorC  Eb:|A chord diagramBb majorBb    |A chord diagramC majorC     |

           x3           (let ring)
|:F A chord diagramC majorC A chord diagramEb MajorEb Bb:|A chord diagramBb majorBb  A chord diagramC majorC  |A chord diagramBb majorBb     |

Repeat Verse

Repeat Intro 2

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

  Verse 3 is similar to previous verses execpt it is extended by eight
bars. The guitar stops playing for the first eight bars before re-
entering to play the last eight as in previous verses.

Repeat Intro 2

Solo              N.B. All shown bends are half step bends

B-|----------10-bu-rb------------10-bu-rb--10~~~~~-|-  Repeat twice

Over the solo a second guitar continues to play Intro 2

        (bass plays A chord diagramE MajorE)
|:F     |A chord diagramC/EC/E    |A chord diagramDmDm     |A chord diagramBb majorBb     :| Repeat and fade

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