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Neil Young - “Are there any more real cowboys“ Chords

Neil Young Are there any more real cowboys chords.

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From rcwoods Thu Feb 24 12:36:50 1994
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Tabbed by Micheal Shaw

Are There Any More Real Cowboys?  - Neil Young

Intro strum with the Davy Crockett-ish melody on harmonica
A-D-A-D-A-A-D-A-A-E   (You have to get a feel for how many counts each chord gets-you can hear him strumming pretty easily, though, in that part).

          A    D         A
Are there any ...
  D	           A
left out in ...

Will the fire hit ...
one more ...
          A        D     A
And will one more ....
        A       D	 A
coming rolling ...
        Bm	     D  	         E
With a load of feed before ...
        Bm                D            E
Well i hope that ....

(willie sings-same chords)

(key change to C)
           C        F       C
Are there any more ...
       F               C
Still working hand ...

trying hard to ...
and make a ....
          C        F                C
Well the rows and rows ...
        F                C
come creepin' up ...
           Dm              F                     G
where the cattle graze and ....
          Dm             F               G
Are there any more real ....
          Dm             F               G
Are there any more real ...

Well, I don't feel 100% about this one, but see what you think.  It's a decent approximation.

Michael Shaw

  %  Steve Vetter                    %  I'm not the same                    %
  %           %   As I was long ago                  %
  %  Elon College                    %  I've learned some new things        %
  %  Love School of Business         %   And I hope that it shows...        %
  %  Alpha Kappa Psi                 %      - Neil Young                    %

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