I Believe In You By Don Williams

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This is the classic song by Don Williams (The Reluctant Superstar)
as performed on Prime Time Country.  The show aired on The Nashville Network
in September, 1996 during Guitar Man Week (hosted by Katie Haas).
I'm a little unsure of some of the chords, so if anybody has any
corrections, please send them to Darragh Egan <darragh@switchtech.net>

               DON WILLIAMS  --  I BELIEVE IN YOU

INTRO:    C   C   G   G(7)       D  D7-Am G  G

  G                            *
I don't believe in superstars, ...
  G                                    *
I don't believe the price of gold, the ...
That right is right and left is wrong, ...
That east is east and west is west, ...

        C             *       G              *
But I believe in love,    I ...
             D           D7                   G         G
I believe in Mom and Dad...

I don't believe that heaven waits for ...

But I believe in love, I ....

        C                                 C
Well, I know with all my certainty ...
     G          G         D    D               G         G
Is a good thing.     ....

I don't believe virginity is as ....

But I believe in love, I ....

OUTRO:    C    C    D    D7   G

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