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Three Dog Night - “Mama told me not to come“ Chords

Three Dog Night Mama told me not to come chords. Related pages are Mama Told Me Not To Come Bass Tabs, Easy To Be Hard Chords, A Change Is Gonna Come Chords, Out In The Country Chords, Old Fashioned Love Song (Ver2) Chords. See all Three Dog Night tabs. Submit corrected and missing chords here.

These 'Mama told me not to come' chords by Three Dog Night also include lyrics.

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Name: Mama Told Me Not to Come

Artist: Three Dog Nite

Note: This is all my own work.

Keyboard Lead: 

low A b note, high A b note, middle A b note, 

low E b note, high F # note, middle A b note,

low and high A b notes at the same time,

middle E b note (optional), F # note, low E b note,

middle A b note, high A b note, middle A b note

Note: Use left hand to play lower notes, right hand

to play middle and high notes

Main Chord Progression:

"Mama Told Me Not...  That's not..."

A b chord, C chord, C # chord, F # chord

Any Questions. Please e-mail me at

thanks, Jason

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