I Am A Rock By Simon & Garfunkel

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I Am A Rock
1965 by Paul SIMON

           G         C               G       
A ..
am D7  C   G am            hm     am               hm
I ..
     am             C                D              
On ..
C      G     C       D7 G
I Am ...

           G        C                 G       
I've ..,
    am D7     C   G        am              hm
That ..
am                hm         am                C           D
Friendship ...
C      G     C       D7 G
I Am ...

              G              C                 G
Don't ..
     am       D7    C   G     am                hm         am
It's ..
          hm         am            C                D
That ...
C      G     C       D7 G
I ...

          G             C            G
I ..
     am   D7     C    G    am           hm    am             hm
I am ...
  am                 C              D
I ...
C      G     C       D7 G
I ...

      am   D7       G
And a ..
       am     D7    G
And an ..

by Franz Felix - Austria/Vienna

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