I'm A Joker By Tom Petty

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Title:  I'm A chord diagramAA Joker
Artist: Tom Petty
Author: Gregory Pamplin

Please note, this is all my own work.

I've looked around on the 'net to see what chords The Steve Miller band =
used, and then went from there.  If you notice though, Tom's band =
sings/plays this in a completely different key to Steve's band.

Anyhow, the song just keeps repeating the chrods: F chord diagramFF-B chord diagramBB-C chord diagramCC-B chord diagramBB-A chord diagramAA-F chord diagramFF.  Listen =
to the song for the timing and chord changes.

When I play it with my band and am the only guitarist, I will use all =
power chords (F5 chord diagramF5F5-B chord diagramBB-C5 chord diagramC5C5) without any distortion through my amp, but when I =
have.  But when I have an accompanying guitarist, I will use power =
chords, and the other gutarist will usually back me up with open chords.

Nonetheless, the chords are as follows:

      F chord diagramFF      B chord diagramBB      C chord diagramCC      A chord diagramAA OR A chord diagramAA*
B| chord diagramB|B|---------------------------------
G| chord diagramG|G|-----------3------5------2-------
D| chord diagramD|D|---3-------3------5------2----7--
A| chord diagramA|A|---3-------1------3------0----7--
E| chord diagramE|E|---1--------------------------5--

*Denotes that both A chord diagramAA chords are the same pitch, and ill work equally =
well.  It's just that by using the second one, it is hard to get back to =
the F chord diagramFF chord quickly.

Finally, the chrod pattern (in detail):
The chords are played lik this........

It's that simple folks!

Good luck.

The End                                                               The End

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