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Nirvana - “Come as you are“ Chords

Nirvana Come as you are ChordsNirvana Come as you are chords. Related pages are Come As You Are (Ver2) Bass Tabs, Come As You Are (Ver3) Tabs, Come As You Are (Ver2) Tabs, Come As You Are Acoustic Chords, Come As You Are (Ver3) Chords. See all Nirvana tabs. Submit corrected and missing chords here.

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Artist       : NIRVANA
Album        : MTV UNPLUGGED in NY
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Intro: Em-D-; (4x)
Em           D          Em 
Come as you are, ...
     D           Em
As I want ...
     D            Em
As a friend, ...
           D          Em
There's an ...
          D           Em
Take your time...
              D               Em
The choice is your's ...
       D          Em
Take a rest, as ...
      D      Em   D
As an old ...
Em      D
Memory, ... (3x)

Em            D            Em
Come dust and mud, ...
     D           Em
As I want you ...
          D                Em
There's a trend, ...
           D       Em   D
There's an ...
Em       D 
Memory ....(3x)

Am                  C           Am          C
(Remember/Well) I swear ...
           Am     C
No I don't ...(2x)

Ad lib: Em-D- (10x)
Em     D
Memory y....h (4x)

(Repeat Chorus)
Em     D
Memory ... (2x)

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