Loveland By Milky Chance

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Milky Chance - Loveland

Instead of G/C you can also play C.          D*:  e|--x--    G/C:  e|--0--
                                                  B|--3--          B|--1-- 
Standard tuning                                   G|--0--          G|--0--
                                                  D|--4--          D|--2--
Capo: 1                                           A|--5--          A|--3--
                                                  E|--5--          E|--3--
Em  G  G/C  G    Em  G  G/C  G  G  G                  
Take me to Loveland                                   
And no one's gonna find me
Cause I'm leaving this old place
Right o here

Nothing is too far
I handle that, oh trust me
When we're leavin' this old place
Right o here

Like she has flowers in her hair
    G                        G/C
And you have flowers in your mouth
Cause your heart is upside down
            Em                    G
And you get dizzy because of your charisma
She will love you like a twister
                    D*     G/C
And you'll be swept away
                    G      G
And you'll be swept away

Em       G       G/C     G
Like we were so so sooo so sooo so in love
             Em       G       G/C     G
Like we were so so sooo so sooo so in love

Em  G  G/C  G    Em  G  G/C  G  G

milky chance loveland c!
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