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Bette Midler - “Wind beneath my wings“ Chords

Bette Midler Wind beneath my wings ChordsBette Midler Wind beneath my wings chords.

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These 'Wind beneath my wings' chords by Bette Midler also include lyrics.

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Song Name: Wind Beneath My Wings
Artist: Bette Midler
My Name: John Tawadrous (
Album(s): "Beaches" & "Experience The Divine"

All transcribing is my own work.

Notes: This song should be played with a slow strum. I
have found that it sounds best with a chorus
or flanger pedal, however if you do not have one of
these just put your amp to a clean setting.
If you wish to play along with the CD you need to put
a Capo on the 1st Fret. This 
song is in standard tuning (EADGBE)

Intro: A D A D
Verse: A D A D Bm E Bm(G)* E x2
Chorus: F#m E A E x3 then Bm E A (The last bit goes to
"You are the wind beneath my wings")
After the final chorus the rest of the song can simply
be played A D A D etc. The song ends on A.

How I play the various chords.

A x02220
D xx0232
Bm x24432 (Barre Chord)
E 022300
F#m 244222 (Barre Chord)

*: On the last Bm of the verse you may want to try a G
Barre Chord (355433) instead, it doesn't go 
so well with the CD version but without the CD it may
sound a little better !Experiment!

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