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Randy Meisner - “Hearts on fire“ Chords

Randy Meisner Hearts on fire chords. Related pages are Deep Inside My Heart Chords, Gotta Get Away Chords, Anyway Bye Bye Tabs. See all Randy Meisner tabs. Submit corrected and missing chords here.

These 'Hearts on fire' chords by Randy Meisner also include lyrics.

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Hearts on Fire
(Randy Meisner/Eric Kaz)
 From ~SOne More Song~T by Randy Meisner

Had myself a . . .

Waitin' at . . .

Wasn't gonna . . .
Till I . . . the car
Moon was growing bright
Stars . . . still
                F#m - E
Waiting for my baby
In . . . chill

I been achin'
. . . desire
             D               C#m    Bm
Her blood~Rs running . . .  ragin' river
          E         A
But her heart's on fire

Second verse, same as first.
Chorus is extended last time, shouldn~Rt be hard
to figure out using the same chords.

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