Hearts On Fire By Randy Meisner

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Hearts on Fire
(Randy Meisner/Eric Kaz)
 From ~SOne More Song~T by Randy Meisner

A chord diagramAA
Had myself a . . .

Waitin' at . . .

Wasn't gonna . . .
                  F#m chord diagramF#mF#m
Till I . . . the car
                  A chord diagramAA
Moon was growing bright
              D chord diagramDD
Stars . . . still
                F#m chord diagramF#mF#m - E chord diagramEE
Waiting for my baby
           A chord diagramAA
In . . . chill

        F#m chord diagramF#mF#m
I been achin'
         A chord diagramAA
. . . desire
             D chord diagramDD               C#m chord diagramC#mC#m    Bm chord diagramBmBm
Her blood~Rs running . . .  ragin' river
          E chord diagramEE         A chord diagramAA
But her heart's on fire

Second verse, same as first.
Chorus is extended last time, shouldn~Rt be hard
to figure out using the same chords.

The End                                                               The End

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