Same Old Blues By Freddie King

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                                 Same Old Blues
>                                            By
>                                          Don Nix
>This is from the Freddie King album called Getting Ready.
>Piano Intro : F chord diagramFF E chord diagramEE D chord diagramDD E chord diagramEE
>G   Fdim chord diagramFdimFdim/G#     D chord diagramDD/A D7th/C chord diagramCC  B7th E7th A7th D   Aaug
>D F#               Bm chord diagramBmBm  D
>Morning rain,   keeps   falling

>     F# chord diagramF#F#      Bm chord diagramBmBm                      D7th/A chord diagramAA
>Like   the  tears   that    fall    from    my    eyes

G chord diagramGG           Fdim chord diagramFdimFdim/G#        D chord diagramDD/A       D7th/C chord diagramCC     B7th
>As I sit,   in my room,      starring  out,          ... 

>    E7th         A7th           D chord diagramDD         Aaug
>It's  the  rain,    it's  the  same      old  blues.

The End                                                               The End

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freddie king same old blues c!

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