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Michael Johnson - “Ill always love you (Ver2)“ Chords

Michael Johnson Ill always love you (Ver2) Chords Related pages are Ill Always Love You Video Tutorial, Ill Always Love You Chords, Ill Always Love You Tabs, This Night Wont Last Forever Chords, Give Me Wings Chords. See all Michael Johnson tabs. Submit corrected and missing chords here.

These 'Ill always love you (Ver2)' chords by Michael Johnson also include lyrics.

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          A        C         D Bm7       E7      A(sus)
          standin by my window List'nin' for ur call
         Dm7            E7             AM7(SUS)PAUSE
        SeEms I really  Miss you after all

          F           C(pause)      Bm7           E7(sus)AM7-pause          
 REFRAIN:Time won't let       me decide thoughts to myself
                    Dm7                      F#M
                    I'd just like to let you know
                     I wish i'd never let you go  

        AM7       F#M7   Bm7      E    D                     A
 Chorus: And i'll always love you deep inside this heart of mine 
                             F#M      E
                           I do love you
                     A         F#M         Bm
                      And i'll always [need]you 
               E               F(DIM)               F#M-d(pause)
               And if you ever change your mind i'll still
                           E(PAUSE)(Do intro chords)
                           I'will love you

         A      C     D           Bm7     E7                       
 Verse#2:Wish u never left me but loves a mystery  
     Dm7                E7      AM7-PAUSE
        you can break a heart so easily,
            F             C                   Bm7    E7       AM7
2ND:REFRAIN:The days and nights we knew how i much i feel for you 
Dm7               C#m7    F#M7                          E7
Time has come for me too see how much my love meant for me

         (note:repeat lat 3 lines of chorus except last word)

F             A            Bm              E
Time like a river keeps on rollin right on by 
 F#M              C#m           B7              E7
 nothin' left for me to do so i watch the river rise

(REPEAT CHORUS except last 2 words)
F#M-D         Bm  (coda:A-C-D-Bm-E-A)
I'll still  i will,love you

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