Whos That Lady By Isley Brothers

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Name: Who's that Lady ?

Artists: Isley Brothers

Note: This is all my own work.

Main Chord Progression

"Who's that Lady ?"

C minor 7 chord, F minor 7 chord... over and over

Other Part:

"Here me calling out to you..."

A b chord, B b 7 chord, A b chord, B b 7 chord,

A b chord, B b 7 chord

Note: Play the lead guitar and piano parts in the

C minor blues scale

Chords defined:

C minor 7 chord - G note, B b note, C note, E b note

F minor 7 chord - A b note, C note, E b note, F note

A b chord - A b note, C note, E b note

B b 7 chord - A b note, B b note, D note, F note


Any Questions ?

Please e-mail me at banjokayankee@yahoo.com

Good Luck !


The End                                                      The End

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