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Isley Brothers - “Whos that lady“ Chords

Isley Brothers Whos that lady chords. Related pages are Its Your Thing Chords, Let Me Down Easy Chords, Footsteps In The Dark Intro Tabs, Between The Sheets Tabs, Summer Breeze Chords. See all Isley Brothers tabs. Submit corrected and missing chords here.

These 'Whos that lady' chords by Isley Brothers also include lyrics.

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Name: Who's that Lady ?

Artists: Isley Brothers

Note: This is all my own work.

Main Chord Progression

"Who's that Lady ?"

C minor 7 chord, F minor 7 chord... over and over

Other Part:

"Here me calling out to you..."

A b chord, B b 7 chord, A b chord, B b 7 chord,

A b chord, B b 7 chord

Note: Play the lead guitar and piano parts in the

C minor blues scale

Chords defined:

C minor 7 chord - G note, B b note, C note, E b note

F minor 7 chord - A b note, C note, E b note, F note

A b chord - A b note, C note, E b note

B b 7 chord - A b note, B b note, D note, F note


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