Sugar Daddy By Hedwig And The Angry Inch

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well, im not sure if this is right but it sounds ok. hopefully i 
havent made too many mistakes but if i have feel free to take a 
stab at my e-mail address and send me abuse or corrections, thanks.

E chord diagramEE-----2---------------
B chord diagramBB--------4--3--4------
G chord diagramGG---------------------
D chord diagramDD-----------------4---
A chord diagramAA--2------------------
E chord diagramEE---------------------  this riff is repeated a few times at the start 
and keeps getting played back all through the song.

E chord diagramEE--------2---
B chord diagramBB--------4---
G chord diagramGG--1-----2---
D chord diagramDD--2-----4---
A chord diagramAA--2-----2---
E chord diagramEE--------2---    x2
  i've got a sweet tooth...

E chord diagramEE--2---------2---
B chord diagramBB--2---------4---
G chord diagramGG--3----1----2---
D chord diagramDD--4----2----4---
A chord diagramAA--4----2----2---
E chord diagramEE--2---------2---
  i'll lay out the fine china...

E chord diagramEE--2---4-------2---2---
B chord diagramBB--4---4-------2---4---
G chord diagramGG--2---5---1---3---2---
D chord diagramDD--4---6---2---4---4---
A chord diagramAA--2---6---2---4---2---
E chord diagramEE--2---4-------2---2---
  and if you've got some sugar...

E chord diagramEE------2---
B chord diagramBB------4---
G chord diagramGG--1---2---
D chord diagramDD--2---4---
A chord diagramAA--2---2---
E chord diagramEE------2---   x2
  oh the thrill of control...

E chord diagramEE--4---4---
B chord diagramBB--4---6---
G chord diagramGG--5---4---
D chord diagramDD--6---6---
A chord diagramAA--6---4---
E chord diagramEE--4---4---
  it's the sweetest taste i know

E chord diagramEE------2---2---
B chord diagramBB------2---4---
G chord diagramGG--1---3---2---
D chord diagramDD--2---4---4---
A chord diagramAA--2---4---2---
E chord diagramEE------2---2---
  if you've got some sugar...

well, there you go, tried to make them easy to read, hopefully you can
understand them! if there are any mistakes im really sorry but give me a
break, im a complete idiot that can't even count to 10 without using my
fingers. enjoy :)

The End                                                      The End

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hedwig and the angry inch sugar daddy g!

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