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Gin Blossoms - “As long as it matters“ Chords

Gin Blossoms As long as it matters ChordsGin Blossoms As long as it matters chords. Related pages are As Long As It Matters Tabs, Hey Jealousy Video Tutorial, Found Out About You Video Tutorial, Come On Hard Chords, Learning The Hard Way Chords. See all Gin Blossoms tabs. Submit corrected and missing chords here.

These 'As long as it matters' chords by Gin Blossoms also include lyrics.

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SONG NAME: As Long As It Matters
ARTIST: Gin Blossoms
ALBUM: Congratulations I'm Sorry
YEAR: 1996
TABBED BY: Malvolio
"As Long as It Matters" -- Gin Blossoms
(Note: the solo is not tabbed here because I'm a lazy ass)
You could do an arpeggio (I think it's Bass-1-2-3, 1-2-3-2) or you could 
do the two-strum then mute, "Brain Stew" pattern (especially good if 
you're playing with distortion and/or power chords - but I don't suppose 
all you acoustic types out there would care for that too much.)
The first verse (I'm too lazy to get the lyric sheet and write out the 
G          D               Em            D
How can I find us something ...
C        G               Em                      D        C
Without stumbling as we ...
G           D           Em             D
I'm like a broken ...
C             G              Em                D
Repeating as if it ...
G       D        Em
Ahhh, it's ...
               C                                       D    C
As long as it matters, as long ...
The chords remain the same ...

--- no signature	Evan "Malvolio" Hulka

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