As Long As It Matters By Gin Blossoms

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SONG NAME: As Long As It Matters
ARTIST: Gin Blossoms
ALBUM: Congratulations I'm Sorry
YEAR: 1996
TABBED BY: Malvolio
"As Long as It Matters" -- Gin Blossoms
(Note: the solo is not tabbed here because I'm a lazy ass)
You could do an arpeggio (I think it's Bass-1-2-3, 1-2-3-2) or you could 
do the two-strum then mute, "Brain Stew" pattern (especially good if 
you're playing with distortion and/or power chords - but I don't suppose 
all you acoustic types out there would care for that too much.)
The first verse (I'm too lazy to get the lyric sheet and write out the 
G          D               Em            D
How can I find us something ...
C        G               Em                      D        C
Without stumbling as we ...
G           D           Em             D
I'm like a broken ...
C             G              Em                D
Repeating as if it ...
G       D        Em
Ahhh, it's ...
               C                                       D    C
As long as it matters, as long ...
The chords remain the same ...

--- no signature	Evan "Malvolio" Hulka

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gin blossoms as long as it matters c!

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