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Can't Hide Love by Earth Wind And Fire

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|Absus4		|Ab chord diagramAbAb(#4)	,	||Absus4	|Ab chord diagramAbAb(#4)	,	|

 A chord diagramAA
|Abm7	,	|Dbm7	,	|Bbm7	,Ebb9	|Abm7	,	|
 You want my love and you can't deny...

 B chord diagramBB
|Dbm7	,Ebm7	|FbMA7	,	|Bbm7	,Ebb9	|Abm7	,	|
 You can't hide love, you can't now...

|Dbm7	,Ebm7	|FbMA7	,	|Fm7b5,FbMA7-Ebm7|Dbm9		|
                                  ...feeling inside

|Eb9 chord diagramEb9Eb9/11 (no 3)	|Db9 chord diagramDb9Db9/11 (no 3)	|Cb9 chord diagramCb9Cb9/11 (no 3)	|A9 chord diagramA9A9/11 (no 3)	|
(on 4th beat dwell D9 chord diagramD9D9/11 (no 3) to go to Db chord diagramDbDb, etc.)

E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB------9----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G chord diagramGG-----10----------------------------------------------------------------------|
D chord diagramDD-----11----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE-----11---etc.---------------------------------------------------------------|


The End                                                                                The End

earth wind and fire cant hide love c!
Can't Hide Love

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