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Donovan - “Remember the alamo“ Guitar tab

Donovan Remember the alamo guitar tab.

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This 'Remember the alamo' guitar tab by Donovan also include lyrics.

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Remember the Alamo, (approximatively) as sung by Donovan

[capo 2] : on my record, he seems to use one. But if you
           want to use an harmonica, you can remove it.

3/4 :      The song is rather fast, and there are three times
           per measure.

I used a transcription that I found on the Internet, which
didn't satisfy me at all (it was made by ). I added several
chords and also an introduction, which is very sketchy ...

F  F/E  F :  you just have to lift a bit your first finger while
---------    playing a standard F chord ...



It's almost the same as above, but you have play it very fast,
without loosing the rythm, of course. Listen to the record, and
you'll understand want I mean. If you can't do it, just play
a plain F chord.

(1 1)--1--1  
(1 1)--1--1
 2-2---2--2  And so on ...


C: 332010   G: 320033  F: 133211  
C7:x32310   G6:320000  Em:022000

The introduction (3/4)

     C                   G                   C
     ^    ^     ^        ^    ^     ^        ^    ^     ^  
  F   F/E   F       G                   C          
  ^    ^    ^       ^    ^     ^        ^    ^     ^ 

  ^    ^    ^        ^    ^     ^                                        


Verse 1:

C                 G           C             F    F/E   F  C    
Eight hundred and eighty were challenged by travellers to die,
C                 G             C            F  F/E F    C     C7    
By a line that he drew with his sword as the battle drew nigh,
    F                         C
Hey man that crossed over the line was for glory
    F                       C
And he that was left better fly,
    C        G            C               F  F/E F  C    G C C7
And over the line crossed one hundred and se-ven-ty nine.

Chorus :

Riff     *          *             *            *          Em
Hey      at Santa   Anna they're  killing our  soldiers below
F                         C
So the rest of Texas will know,
G     G6         C      (Play the end of the introduction)
And remember the Alamo.

Verse 2 :

Jim Bowie lay dying, his blood and the sweat in his eyes
But his knife at the ready to take him a few in reply
Young Davy Crockett lay laughing and dying
The blood and the sweat in his eyes
For Texas and for freedom a man was more willing to die.

Verse 3 :

A courier came to a battle once bloody and loud
And found only skin and bones where he left a crowd
Fear not little darling of dying
If the world is sovereign and free
For we'll fight to the last for as long as liberty be.

Transcribed by Pierre Quillery
Comments, correction : harrold.the.barrel[at]

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