Yahweh By Desperation Band

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Verse 1:
Em                        D             G
From the first break of light, to last days
                C                  Em
Every echo of time, every evening fade
         D           G       C
You’ve always been there

Verse 2:
Em                   D             G
From a baby’s first cry to last breath
                     C                  Em
Every fight in our minds, every victory dance
         D           G       C
You’ve always been there

Em       D        G         C
Ancient One, so amazing, unfailing, You are
Em    D         C                          G
Holy One, overwhelming my heart with Your love

G    D     Em             C                  G
Yahweh, Yahweh, Faithful God You’re here to stay
G    D	  Em       C                     G
Yahweh, Yahweh, Forever and always the same

Verse 3:
Em                       D             G
Where the sky meets the sea and breaks free
                     C                  Em
When compassion and love are met with need
         D           G       C
You’ve always been there

Em              C
All consuming, everlasting
G               D
God Almighty, Lord of glory

The End!

The End                                                      The End

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