Highway Star By Deep Purple

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Ab     Ebm     Db     Ebm     Ab    Ebm    Db      Ebm     Ab   -    -    -
Ab7     -     Ab7     -     Ab7    -     Ab7    -     Ab7     -     -  Db Cb

Ab                                                 Gb   Db
Nobody gonna take my car  I'm gonna ...
Ab                                                      Gb  Db 
Nobody gonna beat my  car it's ...
   Ooh it's a killing machine  ....
   Like a driwing power bi.....

Bbm7         Bbm7            Bbm7         Bbm7 
   I love it   ...
 Yeah it's a ...
Db Eb    Db   Eb    E   Eb Gb  Ab  Bb   Bb  -  Db Cb
Alright  hold tight I'm ...

Nobody gonna take my girl I'm ...
Nobody gonna take my head I got .....

4. same as 1. except
DbEb    Db   Eb     E   EbGb  Ab  Bb   E   EbGb  Ab  Bb   E   EbGb Ab   Bb
Alright hold tight  I'm a highway star ....

deep purple highway star c!
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